Credits (Narrative Design & Writing)


  1. The Last Night
  2. Röki
  3. Fusion Guards
  4. Aethera
  5. Duelyst
  6. Abandon Ship
  7. In Other Waters
  8. Harold Halibut
  9. Meteorfall: Krumit’s Tale
  10. Neuroslicers
  11. The Advanced Game Narrative Toolbox
  12. Unannounced Licensed IP Project
  13. Backbone

The Last Night

A post-cyberpunk cinematic adventure (narrative designer/lead writer/producer, 2015-2017) [Release: TBC, consoles/PC, ID@Xbox/Raw Fury]


I acted as narrative designer and producer for a team of ~7, including level design prototyping, scenario design, world building, creating a pipeline for using interactive fiction language/tool INK. I also acted as publisher liaison (including co-creating the pitch/GDD/etc that enabled us to sign with Raw Fury) and contributed scenario/narrative design to the E3 trailer that premiered on the Xbox stage and has since amassed upwards of 5 million views.


A dark folkloric narrative adventure game (narrative designer/writer, 2017-) [Release: 2019, consoles/PC, United Label]


I helped build out the lore, fusing traditional Nordic folklore with our own original world building. I handle all dialogue, and as narrative designer contribute to puzzle design, overall game flow, production pipelines, main character arcs and I somehow always break the builds, making me a de facto QA tester.

Screenshot 2019-09-13 at 13.59.40


Fusion Guards

Reinventing the mobile strategy F2P (narrative designer/writer, 2016-) [Release: Summer 2018, mobile] 



A science-fantasy RPG Campaign Setting (for Pathfinder):  (contributing writer, 2017-2018) [Release: 2018, tabletop]



The smash hit tactical CGC game (contributing writer, 2014-2016) [Release: Out now, PC, Bandai Namco]

Screen Shot 2018-09-26 at 10.20.15.png


I concepted and created original unit lore/backstories, based on their in-game abilities and faction affiliations. 15k words. Vanar for life.

Abandon Ship

A narrative-heavy FTL on the high seas. (writer/narrative designer, 2017-) [Release: Out now in early access, PC, self-published]


Handle all in-game text, as well as co-creating the event/scenario designs, overall mission/narrative flow, and plenty of flavour text.

In Other Waters

A sub-aquatic, xeno-biology adventure, successfully Kickstarted, with a dream-team of young British writers. (Contributing writer and quest designer 2018-) [Release: 2019 tbc, PC, Fellow Traveller]


Harold Halibut

Harold Halibut: An entirely handmade, stop-motion narrative adventure game. (Writer, narrative editor 2018-) [Release 2019 tbc, PC + Consoles, Curve Digital)

Handle all in-game dialogue and consult/edit on the overall narrative flow. Wordcount 30k and rising. Don’t want to spoil anything but the game’s narrative and structure is going to be rather unusual…

Meteorfall: Krumit’s Tale

Meteorfall: Krumit’s Tale: A dungeon-crawling deck-builder sequel to the top 10 mobile rogue-like ‘Meteorfall: Journeys’ (writer, narrative designer, 2018-) [Release 2019, Steam/mobile]


Flavour text, ‘narrative play-tester’, character bio/lore design and consultation. Muldorf is OP.


Featured in EDGE




A highly tactical cyberpunk RTS that turns the genre on it’s head by focusing on fast, macro and total information gameplay, short 5-10 min matches and a multiplayer driven narrative. (writer, narrative designer, 2018-) [Release 2020 tbc, PC tbc]


The Advanced Game Narrative Toolbox

I authored the chapter entitled ‘Building A Universe’ for the sequel to the acclaimed textbook. Available now!



Unnanounced Licensed IP Project

Lead narrative designer/writer for an idle/incremental narrative led management/exploration game. I was repsonsible for helping successfully pitch the project to publisher/license holder, build the narrative framework (creative + technical/workflow)


Screenshot 2019-09-13 at 18.08.30.png

Narrative lead on dystopian, pixel-art noir detective game. Download the free prologue here.  (Lead writer/narrative designer, 2019-) [Release 2020-21 tbc, PC & consoles, Raw Fury]