Relevant Credits

  1. The Last Night [Unreleased]
  2. Röki [Released: 2020]

    (Nominated for TGA and BAFTA awards, winner of ‘Best Traditional Adventure‘, Readers Choice award for ‘Best Adventure 2020‘ and runner-up for ‘Best Writing‘ and ‘Best Story‘.)

“It is a game of surprising depth, and while Röki’s point and click backbone may prevent it from delivering the constant, one-two gut punches we saw in the likes of Edith Finch, this is certainly one of the closest attempts at capturing its mechanics-led story structure I’ve seen since. I thought Röki was going to be a cute and throwaway little puzzle game with a light adventure wrapping, but Polygon Treehouse have gone so much further, and so much deeper than I was expecting. Like all great folklore stories, there is a quiet devastation lurking beneath Röki’s picturebook world, elevating this mythic tale of gods and monsters into the pantheon of all-time adventure game greats.”

Katharine Castle, Rock Paper Shotgun ‘Bestest Bests’

  1. Duelyst [Released: 2016]
  2. Abandon Ship [Released: 2019]
  3. In Other Waters [Released: 2020]

“That player-enacted symbiosis facilitates a well-paced, exposition-lite story about coexisting with nonhuman life, against the ravages of interplanetary capitalism… Hypnotic art, otherworldly audio and captivating writing meet in an undersea exploration game that wants you to take your time.”

Edwin Evans-Thirlwell, Eurogamer Recommended

  1. Harold Halibut [Unreleased] – TRIBECA Official Selection 2021
  2. Meteorfall: Krumit’s Tale [Released: 2020]

Game of the Day, ranked #25 in Card category globally (US App store), just under 5* rating (Google Play store).

If that wasn’t enough it’s also distinguished by the fact it’s so hilariously wacky and over-the-top – everytime Mr. Krumit does his creepy giggle at the start of a dungeon, I can’t help but laugh. Krumit’s Tale is a roguelike deck builder that may be hard, but is honestly more approachable than any other I’ve played, softening the harshness of the genre with a quirky art style, inventive cards, and a wonderful off-beat tone.

– Pocket Tactics, 9/10 [4/5 Screen Rant, 4/5]

  1. Meteorfall 3 [Unnanounced]
  2. Neuroslicers [Unreleased]
  3. The Advanced Game Narrative Toolbox [Published: 2019, CRC Press]
  4. Game of Thrones: Tale of Crows (Pre-production) [Released: 2020, Apple Arcade]
  5. Backbone [Released: 2021]

“Backbone is smart. Not just in its story or the writing, but in these sporadic puzzles that make you feel like an actual detective”


“Having a chat with someone in Backbone is one of the best, most natural conversations you’ll see in a game…Backbone is quite possibly the most beautiful game you’ll play this year.”

– Alice Bell, Rock Paper Shotgun

“Between the clever mechanics, the compelling narrative, and the gorgeous pixel art, there’s a real fire lit beneath you from the very start.”

– James Paley

“Backbone is a must-play GOTY contender and exceeds the usual reach of its genre.”

– Screenrant

13. Skald: Against The Black Priory [Unreleased]

“…A deeply involved storyline… There’s just so much freedom here, and the choices you make seem to have a real impact… It has none of the factors that make returning to Ultima games so impenetrable, yet evokes the same happiness in my soul.”

– John Walker, Buried Treasure.

14. Mandragora [Release TBC]

15. Horizon: Call of the Mountain [2023]

Call of the Mountain is a stunning game that really brings the Horizon world truly to life in a way I didn’t really imagine was possible.”

Gamesradar (4.5/5 stars)