About Me

Hey there. I’m Danny, a freelance writer & narrative designer, working on some incredible games across a range of genres. I also run a podcast on storytelling/world-building in partnership with PanMacmillan’s SFF imprint Tor and mentor LCC and City post-grads on game design.

In the past I’ve been a broadly published games journalist , a copywriter/creative in marketing/advertising, helped build 3 start-ups and co-founded a games studio.

I grew up playing games – graduating from point ‘n’ clicks with my dad to isometric RPGs like Baldur’s Gate, and from thereon I just played anything that seemed to have a great story, cool characters, and immersive world-building.

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I’m a big believer in ‘native’ game-writing, i.e. being careful not to apply screenwriting or similar tropes to an inherently more interactive medium. I’m also fascinated by world-building (and wrote a rather well received article on moving beyond standard cyberpunk tropes).

I value working closely with each team members/department to totally bake narrative into the fabric of a game, and I’m experienced writing across a diverse range of genres and platforms.

Due to my past lives in running a studio/marketing etc, I also think a lot about how best to integrate writing into efficient workflows, and where the biggest ‘creative ROI’ is.

All told, I’m just passionate about crafting stories that could only really exist in games, and theory-crafting around them. I also work hard to minimise friction, I value establishing methodologies, mental models and communication routines as part of the game-writing process.

I’m currently interested in discussing potential projects for mid-late 2019.